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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Benefits of CAMI

CAMI is designed for value, speed and ease of use. Essentially it is a high productivity software system capable of boosting the student’s performance and academic results in the shortest time possible. It has a wide application range and is used extensively for both remediation and/or extension.
Dynamic in its approach
Suit each individual learner irrespective of ability
Adapts to the learners owns skills level
Develops Knowledge Retention
Develops Self Efficacy necessary for academic achievement
Develops corrective learning habits
Creates Self confidence
Creates Self discipline
Develops independency
Increases and encourages skills acquisition
Improves concentration span
Improves processing speeds
Simulates the natural learning process of a child
Moulds around the individual needs of the student
Develops high levels of retention
Develops and improves comprehension

CAMI u can Trust

CAMI u can Trust

CAMI the Creative Genius !

CAMI- the Education Computer Aided programme u can trust!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

CAMI - Computer Aided Maths English Literacy Programme

CAMI Launch in Singapore

1.CAMI Maths Whiz Competition
( Preliminary rounds will be conducted in July & Finals in Aug )
2.Australian Education Scholarship 2010 worth $18000
SMS or CALL  93850386 if you like to have more details
You can submit online for CAMI MATHS WHIZ COMPETITION.
Simply submit at this link



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Australian Education Scholarship

Australian Education Scholarship 2010
Australian Education  presents Scholarship 2010 in celebration of our 1st outlet opening.
$18000 worth of Tuition scholarship is awarded to 22 selected students based on Merits.
This application is for school/students who are interested to apply for the Australian Education Scholarship.
Please fill in all FIELDS and SUBMIT to us.
There is no minimum or maximum length to the answers you need to provide. However, make sure your answers are articulated well
All Application must be submitted by 9th July 12noon.
You can also submit your exam papers/report cards to Krtc @ level 2 Heartland Mall -The Next Phaze
We have appointed Kent Ridge Tutors as  the selected platform  to nurture & further develop the students' ability through  our scholarship  .

If u have the passion as a educator , We want u

Teacher's Helpdesk Application

Maths Whiz Competition

Maths Whiz Competition Registration.Unleash your potential!

Kindly fill up this form if you like to register for the  Maths Whiz Competition. Fill in ALL FIELDS.
Great prizes await the Top Maths Whiz Competition  .
Pit your skills against the Best and win more than $1000 worth of Tuition Voucher / cash .
All particpants will receive a Gift.
Prelimary round will be conducted in July 2010
Finals will be held in August @ the Heartland Atrium
Please use this form to fill your full details and *SUBMIT*
Our Sponsors:
Kent Ridge Tutors , Cherish , Standard Chartered Bank , Prudential
Hotline : 93850386